Vardar Windsor Parent Guide

The following guide should give you all of the information you may need to successfully guide your family through the exciting season to come. Should you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

TEAM FEES: $1,450.00 CDN (HST is included)


• Insurance

• 3 Training days a week in the months of Sept, Oct, Nov

• intensive additional "game" options

• Coaching and Licensing Fees

• MSPSP Fees (ref, home field , registration fees)

• Outdoor & Indoor Training (Aburg Complex)

• Indoor 8v8 league for the months of January, February, March

• League Play - Spring Season 2017


• 1st Payment by Sept 1st, 2017 - $450.00

• 2nd Payment by October 1st, 2017 - $500.00

• 3rd Payment by November 1st, 2017 - $500.00

Please make cheques payable to Vardar Windsor Ltd.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.36.15 AM



• 1st Payment by October 15th, 2017 - $275.00

• 2nd Payment by November 15th, 2017 - $275.00

Please make cheques payable to Vardar Windsor Fundraising

Further information about how the Fundraising program works will be provided below.

Please note that all cheques will be collected on the FIRST due date. Please post date all cheques. Commitment to all of Vardar Windsor's financial requirements are binding upon signing the Vardar Windsor Registration Form. Vardar Windsor has a No Refund policy in order to keep our cost fair and low for all players.




Add ons are tracksuits and bags if needed, and are NOT included in the basic kit.

Uniforms are on a two year rotation and this is a new order year. Price is in US dollars. Your team manager will assist you with acquiring your uniform.



How Fundraising is used for Vardar's senior teams.

Fundraising supports ALL additional activities, including tournaments, winter league and End of Season party. Pricing for tournaments is NOT included in the fees. There will be an additional $550.00 CDN retainer paid in support of the schedule. There will be plenty of opportunity to earn these fees back through fundraising activities designated by the club, should you choose to participate.


• We are entering five tournaments in total. There will be two in the fall and three in the spring season. We anticipate they will be in November, early December, April, May and June.

• We are playing two spring tournaments that have yet to be determined. They will be announced as soon as our application has been approved but we are anticipating travel in March and April.

• We are playing a 8v8 league locally in the winter. Schedules will be announced later this fall.

The Vardar Windsor Fundraising Program lets you, the parents and players earn back their financial commitment to the additional fees through events set up by the Fundraising Committee. While participation in any of the fundraising events is entirely voluntary the additional fees are mandatory.

How the program works:

After you have paid your additional fees to the club ($550.00) there will be a series of Fundraising events set up that are optional. You can do all of the events, you can pick a few that appeal to you or you don’t have to do any but this is an opportunity for you to earn back your additional fees. The programs vary but for every event we do you can earn back money up to the value of the original commitment ($550.00). Any money that is “earned” beyond your original commitment is kept by Vardar Windsor to invest as it best sees fit for the overall benefit of the club.

Detailed instructions on how each individual fund raising event works will be provided as each event is announced. You’ll be notified at that point about how much money you can earn back (as each event will vary).

At any time you can also request an update on where you “earnings” stand in order to keep track of your standing in association with your pay out. Any ideas about fundraising opportunities are also welcome by the committee.

Suzanne Ingratta is the Director of Fundraising and she will be heading the charge in the fundraising arena! Each of the team managers will support her in managing the programs. Please be assured that you will be given plenty of opportunity, through a variety of fundraising events, to earn back your commitment.


The Vardar Windsor Soccer Club is a registered member of Nike Soccer USA, the Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL) and the US Soccer Development Academy. Our teams play in the MYSL, MSPSP, MRL and higher with the opportunity to advance to Regional, State and National level play.

After you have filled out the registration forms on the REGISTRATION page your child will be registered, by Vardar Windsor, with the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA). This will allow them to play in the United States in any league and tournament play sanctioned by Vardar Windsor as well as select tournaments that are listed as “international” in Canada. Your player will not be allowed to play in Canada again unless the are officially transferred back. Vardar Windsor can help with this process if you wish to return to Canada to play during the summer season but the required effort, cost and limited play time (if you plan to return to Vardar in the fall) is typically not worth it. Vardar Windsor will provide you with more than enough quality soccer at the highest level possible.

If you are new to Vardar Windsor you will need to provide some additional information required by US Soccer and FIFA in order to make the transfer complete. We apologize for the additional paper work but we are bound by the authority of the above mentioned associations.

  • Passport (child and one parent)
  • latest utility bill showing residence address
  • long form birth certificate, or baptismal certificate
  • ITC transfer (one of the documents from the site)
  • Google map showing the distance from your house to Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (The distance, in miles, must be clear)

If  you have any questions please direct them to your manager and they will be happy to help.


It is critical that you read this section and understand it completely. This is the key communication resource for the team and it is also where the schedule, roster, and availability resources are stored. This website/app is used by the coaches, managers and fundraising team to measure attendance and participation at events, practices and games.

There are over 60 families to communicate with in this one level of the club alone that need to be contacted so TeamSnap will be the primary resource. Included in the following pages are instructions and images explaining how the site works. Please note that there is also an App for all mobile devices supported by Android, iOS and Blackberry. We recommend you download this as you will have all of the functionality of the site in the palm of your hand.


The first page of TeamSnap has all of the links for the entire site but the three that you will most focus on are Roster, Schedule and Availability. Secondary links of note are the media link and messages.

Functionality for each will be reviewed below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.36.26 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.36.36 AM


This section is where all of the information for the player and his teammates is kept. When you have done your initial login you will have access to your PLAYER INFORMATION to edit what you would like.

The more information you put in here the better your contact and communication will be. TeamSnap is a secure site under SSL rules so any information that you place on here about yourself and your child is guaranteed to be protected against hacking, virus, Spyware and Malware. Please feel confident that the site and your information are safe.

A sample of a fully filled out player profile is shown to the left. Any emails that you add to the site can be used to receive team updates and notifications. We recommend that you have one in your profile that you have access to and one that your child has access to. It is their responsibility that they know what is going on with their own schedule.

You will note that all players have their number with the team name listed after it. For new players we request that you follow this format for ease of quick identification to the team you play on.


This is a key link in on the TeamSnap webpage and App. Everything... and we really do mean EVERYTHING, the team does will be posted in the schedule. This information will also appear on the website here. The schedule has a significant amount of information on it in an easy to read format. Whether the activity is a game or an event, if the activity is team specific, and the date, time and location of the event. The location may also have a clickable link which will take you to Google Maps. With both of TeamSnap’s desktop version and the mobile App you are able to click these links and within a few easy steps it will provide you with a driving route for your chosen GPS system.

The schedule can viewed in either list view, as shown to the right, or calendar view. You can also click the “subscribe/export” tab at the top of the schedule and the information will automatically be exported to your personal phone/desktop linked calendar.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.36.48 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.36.57 AM


This is the final key feature of the TeamSnap website and, potentially, the most important one to familiarize yourself with. As each event, game, practice or action that requires your attendance is added to the schedule this section will be updated so that you can indicate your availability. Keeping this section up to date is absolutely imperative in order for the coaches, event organizers and club manager to know who the can expect to see in attendance.

In the screen shot to the right you can see the names of the players down the left hand side and the list of games, events and practices across the top.

Next to the players is a green check mark, a red “x” or a question mark. The green check mark indicates that the player will be there, the red “x” indicates that they will not be there and question mark is an unsure at this time notification.

You can indicate your intention for each event by clicking on the open box until you get to the icon you wish to see. You can also add a note if necessary to address a special concern about the action in question. We can not stress enough how important this section is to review and keep updated. Coaches must know who will be available for a games etc.


As a growing club, we have found that, the easiest way to communicate information is by email. We have a two full time club teams and multiple affiliate clubs that play under the Vardar Windsor banner and as it is our intent to keep costs down we are not very top heavy in administration. Communicating with multiple families is done easiest with mass emails. Most of our posts will be sent through TeamSnap so it is very important that you have an address in the system that is checked daily. Information about games, events, club requirements, practices etc are sent out regularly. TeamSnap also sends out reminders for every event 48 hours before it happens. Included, in the notification, is an indication of your current attendance status. Should this happen to not be reflected accurately at the time of notification you will be able to log in directly from your email and change your status. Again, we request that you keep this as up to date as possible. The club will try and give you as much notification as possible when it comes to event announcements. Typically we aim for at least two weeks notice on a new event.


With regards to weather notifications... we try and allow for a minimum of an hour notification of cancellation before a practice in the non-snow months (September through November and March through May). In the Winter months (December through March) we try and allow for an hour and a half. If the weather is threatening to be poor please keep an eye on your email and check it immediately before you leave. Vardar Windsor will practice outdoors in ALL weather conditions that don’t constitute a threat to health. Also, please note that we can only make weather estimates based on the information we are given at the time. If you feel that travel to or from a practice maybe dangerous based on your travel route we fully understand. We only ask that you notify either the coach or club manager so that we know not to be looking for you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.37.11 AM


If you have a question or concern regarding anything to do with your child’s play, performance or development please email the head coach of your team directly. They will best be able to answer the question. Concerns about playing time and playing positions will not be entertained on a continuous basis. While the coach will do his best to be fair with both of the above topics there are times when what is best for the team may not seem to reflect what you consider to the best for your child.

If you have a question regarding team activities, club policy, payments or organization concerns please direct your question to the Club Manager, Sean Hirst. With regards to all communications, please allow a minimum of 24 hours for a response on any topic.


Each Vardar Soccer player is expected to attend every practice and every game. Soccer is a team activity and all members of the team need to be present to be working together towards common goals. Players are expected to arrive at the pre-appointed time for practices and games and be completely dressed and ready to warm up. This is usually 10-15 minutes before a practice starts and at least 45 minutes prior to game time unless otherwise directed by the team manager/coach.

Practice is one of the most basic ingredients of our program. We demand from our Coaches a significant time commitment and it comes as no surprise that we should expect our players to be willing to make the very same commitment. While we realize that our players may have other activities or interests, we also strongly believe it is crucial that players attend every training session (and every game) unless they simply cannot for a valid reason. As such, the older the player, the stricter the Coach will be with absences from mandatory training sessions and/or other team activities. This is why we communicate to families as early as possible about the upcoming training sessions, games, tournaments and other team related activities.

We realize that on occasion it may be necessary to miss a practice or a game. Players can be excused from a game or practice, with prior notification, for any of the following reasons:

  • Academic reasons
  • Major event in a non-athletic activity, for example,school field trip, play, concert or recital, or major scout event
  • Religious observance or event.
  • Illness or injury
  • Family Emergencies
  • Once in a lifetime events (weddings, funerals)

The following are never approved reasons for missing a practice or game:

  • Player does not wish to play or practice that day
  • Parents do not wish to transport, or arrange for transportation, for the player

If the player cannot attend a game or practice, the parents or players should use TeamSnap to update their availabilty as soon as they know of the conflict. If the player’s parents are not able to transport the player to a practice or game, the player’s parents should make arrangements with another player’s parents to give their player a ride.


At every practice and game, players should:

  • Show up at the assigned time and be ready to respect and listen to the coach(es)
  • Bring a water bottle and their own soccer ball
  • Team backpack to hold needed supplies including alternate uniform
  • Wear shin guards (Shin guards are REQUIRED to be worn for all practices and games), socks over the shin guards and soccer footwear
  • Be appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.


All injured players are encouraged to attend every training session and game. Every team activity is an opportunity to learn and thus injured players are encouraged to attend. Since every child and injury is different, the Coach and parents should discuss if the injury is such that the player should be excused from team activity.


We will be practicing outdoors from the end of August through to the end of November or, when it becomes too cold to be outdoors. Practice will move indoors after this and we will remain there until the end of March. The first week of April will see us back out doors until the end of the season. We will practice twice per week for approximately two hours per session plus have one hour of conditioning training per week on a yet to be determined day. All practice session, including conditioning are mandatory! Conditioning session will only be done during the months when weather makes it viable to be outside.

Winter practice will take place indoors on a turf field.

Our practice location for this year is, once again, the Amherstburg Libro Sports Centre located at 3295 Meloche Road, Amherstburg, Ontario.


Vardar is a competitive soccer program and the amount of playing time in a match (game) is not guaranteed. Coaches will determine playing time based on a number of factors including the player’s ability and work ethic, the level of the competition, the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses, and the match situation. As a Club focused on player development, we believe match play is an important component of that development and we encourage all of our coaches to find opportunities for all players to contribute to the team and develop their skills in match play.

Just as playing time can be earned it can also be lost. The following are examples of situations that will result in a loss of playing time (in addition to other disciplinary actions).

  • Being late to or absent from practices and games
  • Failure to appear at practice or games without prior notification
  • Being disruptive during the coaching process
  • Being disrespectful to coaches or other players
  • Not being in good standing with the club (fees not paid, etc). Vardar operates within a pay to play policy. If club dues are past due then a player’s pass will be pulled and the player will not be able to practice or play with the team till fees are current.


For exactly the same reasons as mentioned above in playing time, coaches will determine where a player is positioned on the field. Soccer is a game of constant flow and as such changes will need to be made during a game in order to react to a situation. You may be assigned a position that is entirely foreign to you and the expectation is that you will perform to the best of your ability for the benefit of the team.


Parents, we asked that you follow a few simple requests during games that will help us maintain our image as friendly and pleasant Canadians! While we understand that soccer can be a very passionate game we ask that you follow the rules below.

  • Please don’t “assist” the refs in their calls during the game. We have good refs, we have indifferent refs and we have bad refs. Comments from the sidelines do not help. They won’t change their call and in reality it can turn a ref against our team.
  • Please keep your comments about players, on both teams, to yourself... unless they are positive. It’s unfair to be critical of players that are doing their best on the field.
  • Please don’t coach your kids from the sidelines. The coach has a plan or may have already instructed them to do something that may not seem to make sense in your mind. Even if he doesn’t it is a desire of Vardar for the players to figure out for themselves what they need to do in various situations. Allow them to develop their critical thinking skills themselves.
  • If you are upset or disappointed by a coaching decision, do not engage the coach immediately after the game expecting answers. You may not like what you are about to hear! Please allow 24 hours before communicating with a coach by email and then please allow 24 hours for them to formulate a response.
  • Please do not take it upon yourself to contact any of the venues on behalf of the team.
  • Player position and player time are not subjects for discussion with the coach unless there is a disciplinary issue. If this is the case the concerns will be brought to you by the coach for explanation. Player time and position will vary based on the needs of the game and the team. Fairness is something that Vardar Windsor values greatly and in all situations that is will be taken into account.